MembersSingle and Searching: Messianic Women Over 30 Struggle With the Scarcity of Men

A post Valentine’s Day conversation about the lack of Messianic men, the stigmas and struggles of singleness, and a bone to pick with God

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

I remember the first time the reality of the ratio imbalance of single men to single women in the Messianic body hit close to home. The speaker spread his arms wide, representing the 15,000 Messianic Jews living in Israel.

With every statistic, he drew his hands closer together. First, he took off the roughly 60% percent that are women, then removed married men, proper age group and compatibility till I was left with a tiny sliver of options to choose from.

My secretly anxious mid-20-year-old self determined, “that won’t be me,” believing in faith I would somehow be the exception (singles trigger warning ahead). Here I am; one relationship turned sour later – almost 31 and still single.

A recent study shows there are still only 15,000 local believers in Jesus in Israel, from which 8,000 are adults, and worldwide there are about 100,000 Messianic Jews. See: How Many Messianics Jews Actually Live in Israel?

People say there are enough ‘fish in the sea,’ but for single Messianic women over 30, this sea...

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