Tachles with Aviel – Genocide, and the theater of the absurd

The world is going crazy. South Africa is doing Hamas a favor by accusing Israel at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Israel, Gaza
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) with President Donoghue and other judges before the hearing in the genocide suit brought by South Africa against Israel, on January 11, 2024. Photo: EPA-EFE/REMKO DE WAAL
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) with President Donoghue and other judges before the hearing in the genocide suit brought by South Africa against Israel, on January 11, 2024. Photo: EPA-EFE/REMKO DE WAAL

I am sure that many people are rubbing their hands at finally being able to accuse the Jews of genocide. The only people group on earth that faced a serious threat of extermination in the last century were the Jewish people in the Holocaust. Six million Jews were murdered. A “privilege” that was only available to the Jewish people and that angered many people worldwide. Now Israel itself is accused of genocide in the Gaza Strip, which is intended to finally establish equality between Israel and other peoples. Israel fights not only against terrorists, but also against lies. What is now taking place in The Hague is a political comedy about the tragedy of Israel in our time.

No matter what arguments lawyers use to accuse Israel of genocide, behind every one there is pure hatred. If the British ex-Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn joins the South African delegation in the ICJ proceedings against Israel, then that already says about all you need to know.

British politician Jeremy Corbyn in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) after the first day of proceedings in the genocide case brought by South Africa against Israel on January 11, 2024. Photo: EPA-EFE/REMKO DE WAAL

Corbyn’s leadership role in the Labor Party was overshadowed by allegations of antisemitism. Jewish members and representatives left the party in droves because criticism of Israel and Zionism degenerated into poisonous hatred of Jews. Corbyn welcomed efforts to hold Israel to account by accusing the Jewish state of genocide in the war against Hamas. A few days after the barbaric Oct. 7 attack, Corbyn refused to label Hamas a terrorist organization. Yesterday, he immediately ended an interview in The Hague when he understand he was speaking to an Israeli. Corbyn personifies the modern antisemitism that takes such offense at Jewish sovereignty in the State of Israel.

What is now happening in The Hague is nothing more than a political play to once again put Israel before a world court. The best show in town. What concerns people like Jeremy is not the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but primarily the hatred of Jews and Israel. If it hadn’t been for the war in Gaza, people would certainly have found another reason to accuse Israel of something. South Africa is also just a player in this crazy game. South Africa has become an Iranian proxy like Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in the fight against Israel.

The best show in town – Ronald Lamola (C), South African Minister of Justice, and Vusimuzi Madonsela (R), South African Ambassador to the Netherlands, before the hearing of South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on January 11, 2024. Photo: EPA-EFE/REMKO DE WAAL

After restoring ties with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and deepening strategic cooperation with Russia, Iran has also established new diplomatic ties with South Africa and other African countries. According to various sources in the country, Iran is behind South Africa’s accusations.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei tweeted again in Hebrew:

“The crimes of the Zionist entity will not be forgotten. Even if this entity (the State of Israel) disappears from the face of the earth, the crimes and murder of thousands of Palestinian children and women will remain in the history books.”

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also threatened to destroy Israel:

“Israel will cease to exist. At the end of the ‘Al-Aqsa flood, Israel will disappear.”

No other people on earth are constantly threatened with destruction like the people of Israel. What do the nations have against Israel? Is Israel really responsible for all evil in the Middle East or on this earth? Or have the nations still not come to terms with the fact that Israel is the chosen people?

The peoples who otherwise do not get along or fight each other agree on one thing: Israel. We have seen this in all votes in the UN for decades. The nations have a problem with Israel and the conflict with the Palestinians is just a political excuse.

Who committed genocide here? Hundreds of Israeli corpses have been brought to the Abu Kabir Forensic Medicine Institute in Tel Aviv since the beginning of the Gaza War. Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Israel is accused of genocide while fighting a genocide that occurred in October. The terrorist organization Hamas, which committed the worst crime since the annihilation of Jews in the Holocaust, now claims to be defending itself from a Jewish-perpetrated holocaust. The world is upside down. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is the most moral army in the world, and now our soldiers are being accused of rape and murder. The hypocrisy of South Africa screams to high heaven. Where was South Africa when millions of people were murdered and displaced in Syria and Yemen? And does anyone even care that that genocide was perpetrated by Hamas’s partners in Tehran?

Where was the International Court of Justice in The Hague back then? Where was the world public back then?

Should the International Court of Justice in The Hague nevertheless succeed in finding the Jewish people guilty of genocide before, then this would reveal the true face of the nations. It is not justice that is sought, but the demise of Israel.


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4 responses to “Tachles with Aviel – Genocide, and the theater of the absurd”

  1. LarryFreeman says:

    The leftist markist are ANTICHISTS! They think their hour is here and maybe it is.
    These are very heady times, i have said to any that will listen that we who have our eyes open will see things in 2024 that we thought we would not see in our lifetimes. I’m with Israel but sadly many Israelis will lose their lives. But, God is not mocked and He will have his vengence on the unbelieving Goyim.
    Meshuganah indeed!

  2. Vernon Ryan says:

    Those of the ICof Jesters will soon know there are eternal consequences for bearing and believing those who bear false witness.
    There is going to be a disappearance from the face of the earth, but it won’t be Israel.
    I used to not see a war in reading Psalm 83, but now as this war goes on, I see it for what it is, the prelude to the battle of Ezekiel 38-39. The first half of the Psalm is very clear now. The enemies of the Jews and Israel are lining up for their final shot, but it will be Israel’s final shot at her enemies that will be most effective, her enemies will feel it as it takes them to the ground for the last time.
    The nation with an eternal covenant will still be standing when the smoke clears.

  3. psalm100al says:

    Excellent article Aviel and absolutely spot on. The UN and all their proxies have a huge number of warnings throughout the Old Testament from Almighty God. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!!

  4. Esther Wischer says:

    The battle is in the heavens – Satan thinks if he destroys Israel Yeshua will not be able to return to Jerusalem. Just as he thought he had won at the cross! I can only think with horror of the punishment that will fall on all those who curse Israel, and the blessing that will belong to those who support God’s Chosen People.
    Stand strong, Israel, for the Lord your God is with you!

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