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Tachles With Aviel – It Feels Good To Be Praised by Enemies

Israel was widely praised for its rescue work in Turkey. When that praise comes from Muslims, it matters even more to Israel.

| Topics: Earthquake, Turkey
Members of the IDF Homefront Command Search and Rescue Unit arrive in Turkey. Photo: Erik Marmor/Flash90

Tachles: A modern Hebrew word of Yiddish origin that means “to the point.”


“That’s why I love Israel so much. They were the first to send aid to Turkey, despite all the hatred Israel receives from Muslims around the world. In her eyes, life is everything. I respect Israel ten times more for that,” wrote Irfan Ahmed on Israel’s official Twitter account. Like many Muslims from Turkey and the Arab world, he praised Israel for the ongoing rescue operation in the earthquake zone. Homa from Pakistan wrote on the Israeli Facebook page: “The Jewish state of Israel has come and is helping an Islamic state, Turkey.” Natebibi Actual: “I was assured that Israel is an apartheid state. Why would such a state help others so much?” Zayn Malik: “Thank you Israel. We love you and thank you for your commitment. Thank you for being with us in these days of need.” These are just a few of the many greetings to Israel.

People from all over the world thanked Israel on social media for its quick and effective life-saving mission in Turkey. When that praise comes from Muslims, it matters even more to Israel. Muslims see Israel in the light of the Bible and love of neighbor, even more love of enemies. Reading the tweets and reports, people, whether they are Muslims, Hindus, Christians or Buddhists, are amazed by Israel’s example.

Although the Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has made life difficult for Israel during his tenure and in particular by his support for the radical Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip, the Israelis were the first on the ground in Turkey. In a time of need, Israel puts everything aside and helps. Jerusalem has also offered assistance to Syria. If it were possible to send rescue teams to Syria, Israel would certainly do so. Instead, Israel is helping the Syrian people in need with relief supplies. Even on social media, it was admitted that if Israel had the option, there would now be an Israeli rescue team in the Syrian disaster zone.

This is something to be proud of. In such situations, Israel is not just a “light to the nations.” Israel is a headlight that blinds people’s eyes. People often cannot understand this and cannot cope with it. This drives Israel’s enemies insane and make them envious, even if they don’t realize it. So it didn’t surprise me to read other words, especially from the Palestinians like those who run the Palestine Info Center: “Israel is the root of all evil.” Israel is helping Turkey and Syria in a time of great need, and the Palestinians continue to complain.

A Palestinian team has also arrived in Turkey.

If the Palestinians were in trouble, the Israelis would be there too, and the Palestinians know that. Their mantra is getting old, with Palestinian critics just banging themselves on the head with it, helmetless. I don’t care if they keep banging on and fool themselves that Israel is just bad and dark. The fact is that Israel is a great and bright example. When Muslim enemies praise Israel, it drives Palestinians crazy. What a pity. This hammering on one’s own head certainly doesn’t help. But whatever, I’m happy that our team is in Turkey and is working tirelessly to save lives. There is a blessing on that and people see that. Of course you have to want to see it.


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  1. Susan says:

    Fantastic! Israel prophesied to lead!

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