Tel-Avivians Demand Victory

Protest group says time is past for concessions, appeasement and bowing to international diplomatic pressure

By Edy Cohen |
Photo: Edy Cohen

The Israel Victory Project (IVP)–a group that represents, among others, bereaved families, residents of the south, army reservists and disabled IDF veterans–is behind a unique new protest movement in Tel Aviv.

The aim of the campaign is to end the stalemate policies vis-a-vis the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, especially after the Hamas leadership openly gave its blessing to continued terrorist attacks against Israel.

In response to what they see as the government’s kid-glove approach to handling the Gaza threat, the Tel Aviv protesters have snidely changed the names of major streets throughout the city to names like “Yasser Arafat Boulevard,” “Bomb Shelter Road,” “Red Alert Avenue,” and “Molotov Cocktail Lane.”

While the State of Israel likes to boast that is fields one of the most powerful and capable militaries in the world, the protest organizers note that it has failed, or is unwilling to score a decisive victory over the measly Gaza terrorist infrastructure. Meanwhile, Hamas and its jihadist allies continue to threaten large Israeli population centers, damage the Jewish state’s economy, and even negatively impact incoming air travel. Hamas has somehow managed to for years retain its ability to disrupt and even incapacitate important parts of daily life in Israel.

What the IVP wants to see is for Israel’s leaders to fully unleash the IDF and allow it to finally defeat, and not merely deter, Hamas and the other jihadists. They say that only a clear and decisive victory over terrorism will bring quiet to the streets of Israel and a peaceful resolution to the conflict. “We want to erase the smile of senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and return a smile to the faces of the children of Israel who live along the southern border,” organizers said, adding that it’s past time to eliminate the Gaza missile threat, and restore sanity to the Jewish communities on periphery of the coastal enclave.

For this to happen, the IVP says, Israel needs to regain its nerve as it was in the days when we won the War of Independence (1948), the Six-Day War (1967), retaliated without compromise for every terrorist attacks, and launched daring and unprecedented missions like that to rescue the Israeli airline passengers held hostage in Entebbe. When allowed to operate freely, there is no fighting force in the world like the IDF.

According to the IVP, the past decades have proved that genuine peace requires a decisive victory that ends with Israel imposing its conditions upon its enemies. The group strongly believes that the time is past for concessions, appeasement and bowing to international diplomatic pressure.

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