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Terror meets trauma: When where you live doesn’t allow you to forget

By Oriel Moran | | Topics: Terrorism, Terror Victims
There is almost no one in Israel who hasn't lost a loved one or a friend to terrorism. Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Israel is no stranger to trauma. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 till today, approximately 4,600 Israelis have died due to terror attacks, and 37,000 have been wounded (not including wars).

In such a small country, it is nearly impossible to avoid locations that send terror attack survivors spiraling into a PTSD whirlwind of flashing images, racing hearts, and helplessness.

The French Hill bus station in Jerusalem is one of those places; a hot spot for suicide bombers where despite the (now dilapidated) IDF guard booth above it, 103 were injured, and at least 16 were killed between 2001-2004.

This station was one of the stops to the city where I grew up. I remember holding my breath together with the rest of the passengers, dreading that perhaps this time I wouldn’t be so lucky as to make it home that day, only to see an attack a few days later, asking: “Why them and not me?”

Knock on almost any door in Israel, and you will find someone grieving the loss of a family member or friend due to...

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