MembersThe False Prophecy About the End of Israel

It’s supposed to happen NOW, in early 2022, and millions of Muslims believe it will!

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Islam, Prophecy
Is the demise of the State of Israel just around the corner? According to a popular Muslim prophecy, it will happen in the coming few months. Photo: Flash90

Millions of Arabs at this very moment in Arab countries across the region believe that the State of Israel will cease to exist in the coming months.

This is due to a false prophecy by a Palestinian sheikh spread ever since 1992. His name is Bassam Jarrar. The sheikh was deported by Israel that year to Lebanon for taking part in terrorist activities along with other Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists who were also expelled. In 1993, he published his first book on this subject from his new home in Lebanon. Since then he has written more books and published hundreds of videos. He has become one of the most famous personalities in the Arab world with hundreds of millions of views on his YouTube channel and has become a millionaire – as a result of a prophecy he made 30 years ago – a prophecy that will be put to the test in the coming days.


What does Bassam Jarrar’s prophecy say?

Sheikh Bassam Jarrar’s prophecy says that between March 2022 and June 2022, events will occur such...

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