The False Prophet

by Ludwig Schneider

When the world is politically misled, it is much easier for the False Prophet to deceive all nations and religions.

| Topics: WORD FROM JERUSALEM, End Times
United Nations General Assembly. The international community will bow to the False Prophet and his agenda.
United Nations General Assembly. The international community will bow to the False Prophet and his agenda. Photo: Amir Levy/FLASH90

Most people don’t notice when they are given counterfeit money and then pass it on. After all, who really takes the trouble to check whether the money he has been given is genuine? However, anyone who passes counterfeit money risks being imprisoned. So we have to know how to recognize counterfeit money, as it will always appear deceptively real.

This is also the creed of the “False Prophet,” who is mentioned three times in the Book of Revelation (16:13; 19:20; 20:10). Many people treat the prophetic word in the same careless way in which they take and then pass on counterfeit money. The Antichrist is widely seen as a terrifying, yet luring tyrant, but most people don’t really know where to start when it comes to the False Prophet. However, the fact is that the latter is actually the deceiver.

The Antichrist will appear as a commendable and exemplary human being and leader in whom most of the world will believe. After all, Antichrist means the one who appears “in the place of” the Messiah or Christ, in the way the world imagines Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to be (see 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).

The False Prophet will assist and advise the Antichrist as his prime minister of religion, with a role similar to that of Aaron to Moses. The False Prophet imitates everything that God does so that he will appear as genuine as possible. Only by doing so can he deceive and mislead the world.

There are many horror stories about the False Prophet, but religious science fiction novels can be a distraction from reality. While end time scenarios may tickle the imagination, the most important thing is to recognize the False Prophet early on even though he appears normal.

For example, how does one disguise a hostile takeover? By behaving in such a way that no one would expect. You are perceived as a best friend and most trusted confidante. Yet world history is full of Brutuses and Judases. And the more dangerous the enemy, the more fraternal he will appear. The False Prophet may seem to come in brotherly love, but it is a deception.

The Bible paints a terrifying picture of the False Prophet, describing him as a “beast” and “dragon” with ten horns and seven heads, whose mouth is speaking out profane names. When we read these things we can get goose bumps. But we could have a long wait for a monster of this kind, and in doing so we overlook how he is already leading us astray with his ecumenical piety. We can read about this in Revelation 13:1-10.

Dictators who are destined to plunge their nations into disaster have their people celebrate them as a savior. When the world is politically misled, it is much easier for the False Prophet to deceive all nations and religions.

In doing so he uses a light touch, so that no one will be aware of what he is doing. Those who are pious will be misled by a religious veneer, and those who are more rational will be led astray by reason, so that in the end everyone will think that he is right. Our only protection is to be sealed with the Holy Spirit who binds us to the Word of God. This is the only way in which we can triumph over every deception of Satan that he presents in the name of Jesus.


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10 responses to “The False Prophet”

  1. Annette Leon says:

    A false prophet or Messiah ?
    I see the mass of dark clothed Israel( women nowhere to be seen ) swarming around an individual who has been called the Messish.
    Now surely he can put an end to the current problems in Israel ? Do I see him as THE MESSIAH? no I don’t, but something is telling with it all and I can’t get my head around what is happening.???? ????

  2. Carl Gove says:

    Not sure. The Bible talks about the Antichrist’s fatal wound being healed, the False Prophet calling down fire from heaven, an image that he enables to speak. These are not so subtle.

  3. Jake Wilson says:

    The Jesus which mainstream Christians and messianic Jews follow is not the Messiah (because Yeshua isn’t God, he is the Light of the World though, see Gen 1:3).

    In symbolic language a man/woman is not a literal person; in Revelation these stand for powers. Paul uses the same language when he anticipates the Papacy as the ‘man of lawlessness’ (2 Thes 2:3). The latter reigned for twelve centuries, exterminating some 60 million people, and his central doctrine is the Trinity.

    Antichrist tenets have been around since Paul’s day, yet they gained momentum with the Papacy’s rise (anti = in place of = vice = Vicar of Christ = Pope).

    The False Prophet, the second beast mentioned in Rev 13:11, refers to the Jesuit Order which rose in the 16th century. Unitarianism had revived back then, and the Jesuits brought the people back in line with the Papacy aka ‘the son of perdition.’ Anyone who denied the Trinity, anyone who denied that Jesus is God was exterminated.

  4. Taylor Sealy says:

    Thanks for bringing up this interesting topic. I like Joel Richardson’s take on this aspect of the end times. He argues that the Anti-messiah and false prophet will be Muslim, or Satan’s version of Messiah. I don’t think he will deceive any significant number of real bible-based Christians and Jews, in spite of supernatural displays but the peace deal may be forced on Israel by the UN and accomplices, as is trying to happen now. Even many ungodly non-Muslims seem desperate for peace at any cost and are okay with world government. God isn’t okay with world government, as per the Tower of Babel. Also, to Carl I would say what Joel Richardson points out in his books, Mideast Beast and also The Islamic Antichrist, that the “beast” in Revelation can refer to the Anti-messiah or his revived empire, so the Anti-messiah won’t necessarily receive a head wound but his revived empire could be the beast that recovers from a “fatal head wound”. Something to consider anyway.

  5. Annette Leon says:

    Not like most of you I am not a Biblical Scholar but I don’t discount the Bibical. What I am inclined to see is that Prophecies come from insight and IMV, like today’s prophets, who have been seen to have been right.
    Today and in past Socialigists, were and today is what I see.
    Visionaries may see with their own concepts something, but that does not mean what they see and has been penned, word for word an actual. Common Sense tells me this, but as I say I don’t discount Biblical but see something that maybe more realistic.
    Somewhere I read Israel will return on the backs of Eagles. Obviously this was foretold when Israel ( Jews )were to return in Aircraft. Subtle or not this and other events are to be something that is real. Voices from heaven going up on clouds ? Not too eloquent ( if that is the right word to use ) but Food for Thought .???? ????

  6. Lois Heal Bright says:

    I so appreciate the author’s words: “Our only protection is to be sealed with the Holy Spirit who binds us to the Word of God.”

    In the midst of the times and the circumstances in which we are living, we need God’s strength, His presence, and His discernment as we worship Him in spirit and truth. (John 4:24)

  7. Fernwood Van says:

    My only comment is that Ludwig is absolutely correct. John 16:13. Howbeit, when He, the Spirit if Truth is come,will guide you into all Truth, for He shall not speak of Himself , but whatever He shall hear.
    When someone get saved by acceptance of Jesus as their Lord and Savior, Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to live within you. He will be your guide. Desernment is listening to the Holy Spirit as you study God’s word. I could share a lot more. Pray and seek His will and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. Sekah

  8. Fernwood Van says:

    Sorry… Selah

  9. LarryFreeman says:

    A timely reminder. My thoughts (didn’t you want to hear my point of view too?) Are that MANY will be surprised, i hope not too late. His ways are far above us. Shalom achim, shalom.

  10. Vernon Ryan says:

    The book of Daniel also sheds a lot of light on the times we are now living in. Matthew chapter 24 also gives light on the times of today. There is much to read and more to see as each day passes and new revelations come to light. The deception level in the world today is at a height not seen in modern history, the truth is kept at the lowest level those in places of power on the left side of the spectrum can keep it today. They would prefer that truth would not even exist.
    Yes, we live in evil times, but the Lord is still on His throne and His plan of salvation of mankind is nearing its end and as He said, the meek shall inherit the earth. Jesus said; “Fear not, for I am with you.” Fear, is the greatest enemy of people today, If we get to know Him through His word and take hold of His hand, He will take us through our worst times just as He said He would.

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