The First Couple at the Bolshoi

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara visited Moscow to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Russia.

By Israel Today Staff |

It was Bibi’s fourth visit to Moscow in the past year, as the two countries coordinate moves in neighboring Syria. The main goal is to prevent a friendly fire incident between Russian and Israeli warplanes operating in the war zone.

Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin took a timeout from the grave matters of diplomacy to relax at a ballet at the famous Bolshoi Theater. In this scene of high culture, the Israeli leader took the opportunity to blast the Islamic extremists who are threatening Western Civilization.

“We are threatened by the forces of barbarism. They threaten every enlightened society on earth. They cut off heads and destroy cultural treasures,” Netanyahu said with Putin at his side. “We spoke about this at length, and here as well our partnership stems from that same basic and deep link of common values. I would like to thank you again for the major role you have taken upon yourself in strengthening ties between our two countries. I am certain that in another 25 years, when they look back, they will remember this evening as a milestone between Russia and Israel.”

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