The Fruit of the Vine

Do you like to drink wine? Then we’ve got something special for you

By Israel Today Staff |

We read about wine and vineyards all throughout the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament. The Passover Feast at this springtime season includes wine (See Luke 22). It is also traditional to drink wine with Challah bread every Friday evening to set apart and welcome the Sabbath.

Whether for Passover or Sabbath or to enjoy time with loved ones, it is an honor and a pleasure to warmly invite you to taste wine from Israel Today’s very own vineyard. With your help in 2007 we started planting our vineyard in the Negev desert on the hills of Be’er Milka, about 80 km south of Beersheba and 1 km from the Israeli-Egyptian border. It is located near where the people of Israel camped in Bible times, at Kadesh Barnea during the 40-year journey through the desert. The vineyard is thriving!

Israeli Desert Red Wine “Simeon” 2019
35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Shiraz & 30% Petit Verdot
The Simeon wine is no ordinary red wine: it tells a unique story of thriving in the land of the Bible.


Order yours today!


Cheers! L’chayim! To life!

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