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What was once the exclusively Christian pursuit of proving Jesus’ Jewishness is now being taken up by leading Jewish scholars

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Jesus
Photo: Mendy Hechtman/Flash90

One small hesitant step after another Jewish attitudes towards Jesus are changing. First there came the unavoidable acknowledgement that the historical person called Jesus was born and died a Jew. It was even admitted that he lived a traditional Jewish lifestyle. There soon followed the admission, however noncommittal, that Jesus was popular in his day as a Jewish teacher and might even be considered a prophet by some.

In the May 7, 1979 edition of Time Magazine, it was reported that an Orthodox rabbi claimed that the resurrection of Jesus was a true historical event. Pinchas Lapide did not become a follower of Jesus, but he had to admit that the evidence for the resurrection was overwhelming. The magazine went on to conclude that the Jewish reclamation of Jesus is one of the ten most important ideas changing the modern world.

The potential for a whole new encounter with the rejected Messiah may have moved forward with the publication of The Jewish Gospel: The Story of the...

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