The Messianic Version of Israel’s National Anthem Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Messianic Version of Israel’s National Anthem

A decade before the State of Israel’s establishment, a renowned Messianic Jewish poet rewrote the Zionist anthem

Moshe Immanuel Ben-Meir (1905-1978) was one of the leading pioneers among Jewish Yeshua-believers (JYB) in modern Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel. During the British Mandate (1917-1948), he lived in Haifa, near the German Colony where strong Nazi sentiments had developed among the Protestant denomination of the Templars. There he labored as a local missionary for the British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the Jews, which was also known briefly as the British Jews Society (BJS).  In the late 1930s, once a month he attended a small Hebrew Christian fellowship that gathered alternately on Mount Carmel and…