Abba Kovner and his movement were determined to take revenge for the Nazi Holocaust. Public domain
Jewish World

An Eye for an Eye: The Plot to Kill 6 Million Germans

A little known chapter of Jewish history perhaps best expresses the pain and anguish caused by the Holocaust


Understandably, little has been said about a Jewish plot to kill 6 million Germans in revenge for the Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

But as the sickening truth of what happened in Nazi Germany became clearer to the survivors, plans to take revenge on the enemy burned in many Jewish hearts and minds. The ashes of Auschwitz left cries for vengeance on the quivering lips of many left behind.

“We will not go like sheep to the slaughter”

As the brutal truth of what happened surfaced, a group of young survivors formed around Abba Kovner, a poet and charismatic leader. Kovner organized underground fighters in the Vilna Ghetto, smuggled Jews out of Poland to Israel, and organizing clandestine missions to prevent the ongoing antisemitic oppression of the Jews. With his group, Kovner also put into place a plan to exact vengeance on Germans and Germany for what they had done to the Jewish people. They dedicated themselves to making the Germans pay, operating under the banner “We will not go like sheep to the slaughter,” antithesis to the words…