MembersThe Poet – Shuli Rand

Quite often there are conflicts and questions in our lives between a believer and a non-believer.

By Arthur Schwartzman |
Shuli Rand
Photo: Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

Everyone is convinced that they are right, and tries to get the other one on their side. My opinion on this topic is that convincing words makes no sense. I think you should set an example through action. Because in reality we cannot really change other people. We can only change ourselves, and that’s hard enough.

This month we want to look at a song that describes this conflict between a religious person and a poet he meets by chance in the pool. In fact, this is a song about Shuli Rand and his friend Hanoch Levin (a well-known dramatist in Israel), both of whom grew up with a religious background. Both abandoned religion and turned to the world of drama and theater. When Shuli returned and became religious again, the two remained friends, but the ideological gap between them grew. Their arguments over faith created a deep divide between them. Hanoch is an eloquent man. It was difficult to argue with him. But on the edge, faith burned, and that was what made him rational during the dissensions.

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