The Star of David that is all heart

We have created a new piece of jewelry that has a special meaning for us, and certainly for you too. It is a Star of David with the date October 7, 2023 engraved on it.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Star of David

Star of David with the tragic date of Oct. 7, 2023

When wearing this special pendant the date is on the left-hand side, close to the heart. This symbolizes the broken, hurting heart that seeks healing; and a heart to remember the many fallen, the tragic and heroic stories. To not forget, so that we can be on watch, and say with a trusting heart “never again.”

In addition, we added a picture of one of the hostages to each jewelry package, whether the captive be a toddler, a boy or girl, a man or woman, a grandmother or grandfather, or a young soldier.

Receive the necklace, wear it close to the heart, and pray specifically for the captive whose photograph you receive:

  • Adopt him or her into your heart
  • See him or her in your mind’s eye
  • Living, breathing, laughing
  • And most importantly: returning home safe and sound in spirit and body.

The idea is to pray for that specific person every day, to “see” them as a flesh and blood person, and really yearn for their return. This is more effective than praying for all the ~240 captive hostages collectively. My mother was very excited by this initiative, and bought herself such a necklace. When she opened the box she found a picture of 3-year-old Emma. My mother could not stop crying and shaking.

A 3-year-old girl kidnapped and taken hostage! The mind refuses to accept this. It’s beyond our capacity to comprehend. My mother adopted Emma into her heart, and from that moment she became a part of her. She gets up in the morning and prays for her. She lifts up words of blessing throughout the day and even sees her in her sleep.

My mother’s friends heard and immediately sought to purchase pendants for themselves. I believe this is very powerful – to “adopt” the captives and pray for them individually. The power of prayer is overwhelming.

Even after each captive returns home. Even then, the same picture you received will have meaning; because these captives will need a lot of help, a lot of prayer and a lot of strength to return to normal life.

Thank you for who you are and for all your prayers and giving.

Click here to preorder your “October 7, 2023” Star of David pendant


* And by the way, 15% of every purchase will go to assisting soldiers and displaced Israelis.



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