MembersThermal Springs and the Hellfire of Tiberias

Why are the thermal springs in Tiberias hotter than any others? The topic was debated already in the Talmud, and rabbis today have revived the controversy

By Aviel Schneider |
Tiberias thermal springs in north of Israel
Photo: Avishai Teicher/PikiWiki

The Sea of ​​Galilee is again full, and has been drawing attention away from the coronavirus. And that has included renewed interest in Tiberias and its secrets.

Rabbi Haim David Kovalski dealt with the topic a few weeks ago and, based on Jewish interpretations, claims that the water of the thermal springs is heated by the fires of hell. “The thermal springs below Tiberias flow past the entrance to hell,” the Israeli news portal Walla quoted the rabbi as saying. “None of us want to set foot in hell. May the Almighty save us from that.”

The Jewish scholar, doctor, philosopher and rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman from Catalonia said in the 12th century: “From here you can see how the heat of hellfire can also be felt in the physical sense. Think about this feeling, immerse yourself in the hot waters of Tiberias and you will feel that you are immersed in water that has been heated in hell.” And what lesson should we learn from this? According to Nachman, there is no evil in the world. Even...

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