Today is Christmas Eve!

A membership to Israel Today – a special Christmas gift.

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Christmas is tomorrow. Have you already prepared all the gifts?

Do yourself a favor! But also do something good for Israel, and give yourself, your relatives, your friends, and your enemies (!) a membership to Israel Today.

It’ll definitely be one of the more unique gifts you give this year!

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8 responses to “Today is Christmas Eve!”

  1. Jake Wilson says:

    While kids should get some pressies so they don’t feel left out, or are being teased at school, I don’t think followers of Yeshua should use pagan idolatrous feasts to increase their margin (children can learn about the origins of the Catholic “mess of Christ” once they’re old enough).

    The 25th December is the birthday of the Babylonian sun-god Tammuz. If people are desperate to celebrate Jesus’s birthday (without any biblical support), they should do it on Yom Teruah.

    • Vernon Ryan says:

      FYI, the Roman celebration was initiated on Dec. 25 AD274, but was never put into motion until Dec. 25 AD354 under Emperor Aurelian. The Christian celebration on Dec 25 started in AD 202, several years before the Romans celebrated a pagan holiday of their own making. They did it to make some kind of political statement, It seems some people today still try to make a political statement out of it to push their secular agenda.

      • Jake Wilson says:

        Many thanks for this Vernon (I saved the info for later use),

        I think later on some Pope blessed/pushed Xmas too. And it was on and off in certain countries, even forbidden for a while.

        Anyway it is utterly pagan, but so ingrained in people’s minds that ministries, editorial boards, etc. don’t say NO to idolatry (in order not to offend the Jesus lovers and lose customers).

        I love Israel and the Jewish people, but Israel itself seems to be heavily influenced by Rome Papal, the Babylonian Whore – in Jerusalem, essentially, all the fake sites are Catholic.

        • Vernon Ryan says:

          Christmas is celebrated by many peoples for the meaning it has from the scripture, and the scripture confirms the dates of it. Pagans, celebrate it for their own reasons, and No, it isn’t pagan for those who believe in it for what the scripture says about it. It is about a Jewish person who changed the world, something pagans have been trying to do for generations, very much unsuccessfully, thank the Lord for those miracles.

          • Jake Wilson says:

            Christmas has nothing to do with Yeshua, and there is nothing in Scripture about it.

            It’s pagan idolatry in which most of Yeshu’s followers partake, knowingly or ignorantly.

          • Vernon Ryan says:

            IF, you want to know the real truth, there is a good source at this place, creation dot com, type in ‘is Christmas based on pagan traditions.’ It is a short video with lots of information and scripture to show that Christmas is based on the scripture. Leave out the spaces and put the dot in place of the word.

  2. spenglersilvia says:

    Wieso muss ich die heidnischen Götter kennen? Zuviel Ehre für sie.
    Anat und Aviel und alle jüdischen Geschwister, seit ich Witwe bin, habe ich das
    traurig-froheste Chanukka-Weihnachten gefeiert. Von Euch lernte ich die Namen der Chanukka-Kerzen als jeden einzelnen des Messias kennen und verband sie
    mit der Botschaft des Weihnachtsevangeliums – die gleichen Namen. Und fühlte
    mich zugehörig mit warmem Herzen, las alle Namen der Gefallenen Soldaten und gedachte der Trauernden – Das war tränenreich uns fröhlich zugleich – und ich spürte die Anwesenheit dessen, der auch mein Heiland ist. Bin gar nicht mehr traurig, dass ich nicht laufen und reisen kann und bin sicher:
    Israel wird durch diese Schwachheit erstarken, lernen und leben!!!

  3. spenglersilvia says:

    “Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe!” Sein Wort ist wahr, und die Ankündigung des Messias
    steht im Propheten Jesaja 9, auch wie ER heißt und dass ein Kind geboren wird aus Davids Stamm und König wird in Ewigkeit mit Recht und Gerechtigkeit.
    Und auch die Namen stehe hier. Was muss ich noch wissen?
    Dass ich mein Leben IHM, dem König der Juden, gebe – IHM nachfolge und mich nicht größer mache als Er mich geschaffen hat. Und dass ich das Volk Seines Eigentums kenne, liebe und n i c h t bevormunde, wie besonders gern manche Christen tun. Da brauchts nicht mal Theologiestudium.

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