Top 10 Israel Today Articles of 2019!

What a year! A lot happened, but you might be surprised by what was most important to our readers

By Israel Today Staff |

The new year is here, and it’s always interesting to look back and remember what most caught our attention during the previous 12 months.

2019 was a busy year for Israel and the Middle East. What comes to mind first is all the failed elections Israel has had over the past year!

However, you’ll be as surprised as us to learn that none of Israel Today’s top 10 stories for 2019 are about elections, and only a few even have anything to do with politics at all!

What we found once again this year is that you, our dear readers, prefer when we focus on the spiritual and prophetic aspects of what makes Israel special. And we plan to give you more of that in the coming year.

Now, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Israel Today Articles of 2019 (note that not all were written in 2019, but found new life after being republished to our new website):

  1. Netanyahu’s Son Defends Jesus’ Jewishness: It’s in the Bible!
  2. Psalm 22 and the Crucified Messiah
  3. Muslim Woman Tells Jews: Your Messiah Changed My Heart
  4. Evangelist Calls on Christians to Repent for Standing with Israel
  5. Top Israeli Rabbi Believes Trump Will Build Third Temple in Jerusalem
  6. A Billion Butterflies Visit Israel
  7. Israeli Archaeologist Debunks Christian Ideas on Temple Mount
  8. Israel Builds World‘s Largest Solar Power Tower
  9. Israel’s Ambassador Turns to the Bible
  10. Do We Need To Worry About Gog and Magog?

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