Tough Love, or Evil Intent? Why Does the World Obsess Over Israel?

Latest rumblings in Brussels beg the question: How will Europe react when Messiah establishes absolute rule in Israel?

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The European Union Parliament. They are very concerned about Israel conforming to their image.
The European Union Parliament. They are very concerned about Israel conforming to their image. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell suggested Israel should be grateful that the EU Parliament is taking the time to discuss what it calls the “deterioration of democracy” in the Jewish state. It shows that Europe has a special care for what happens in and to Israel, Borrell insisted.

But is it really “tough love,” as Borrell claimed, or is it scheming with nefarious intent?

First of all, it’s a bit hypocritical. Europe’s own shaky history with democracy has sparked some of the bloodiest armed conflicts ever. So a bit of humility might be in order.

Second, who is Europe to tell Israel what kind of government it must have? And if it is so greatly concerned over its partner states being democratic, then why isn’t the EU Parliament holding a similarly urgent session to discuss Iran’s phony democracy? Or the autocratic regime of its partners in Beijing?

No, it’s only Israel, as usual, that is singled out for such “concern.” Because, as Borrell insisted, they really, really care.

For the Bible-believer, it raises the question, how will Europe and the world at large react when Messiah touches down in Jerusalem and establishes monarchical rule, not only over Israel, but the entire globe?

In this way perhaps we see Europe (and the international community it represents) not so much concerned with Israel for Israel’s sake, but rather because it seeks, even if subconsciously, to mold Israel to its image in opposition to the Lord’s plans.

This isn’t to say democracy is bad, or that it isn’t the best form of government for Israel at the present time. But it’s not sacred. And anyone who holds to it like some kind of sacred cow is going to find themselves in woeful opposition to Israel’s true absolute ruler when He comes.


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5 responses to “Tough Love, or Evil Intent? Why Does the World Obsess Over Israel?”

  1. Susan says:

    Excellent! Democracy is not the end-all; in fact, it promotes “everyone doing what’s right in his own eyes.” I pray the Absolute Ruler returns soon!

  2. Vernon Ryan says:

    The EU and the UN are very busy bringing all nations into the, “New World Order,” being as that order is anti God, because they will appoint someone to be god, they don’t want Israel to even exist because of the covenant Israel has with, God.
    There are seven years coming in which, at the mid point, they will have one who will appoint himself as god, and they will worship him. Israel won’t, that is why they want Israel to not exist.
    The worlds desire is not in the eternal plan, another reason why they don’t want Israel to be in existence, but there isn’t anything they can do about that. Thank God.

  3. Mark Watkins says:

    Shalom Ryan,

    Slicaha, it is the latter, the Useless for Nothing UN is choka block with Muslims who hate Israel, driven by their father hasatan, which as we know where this is going, moreover so many wring their hands over Yisrael turning a hard right, there is a reason for this turn as we know Yisrael will soon be coming back into Covenant with Elohim, so the stage is being set now, another reason we are witnessing the Banking contagion, which will be used to usher a CBDC one world order, one world religion, one world government, and a one world ruler, under the auspices of the man of sin, son of perdition beast system, which is in it’s infancy..

    Continued below….

  4. Mark Watkins says:

    I digress, this has been the plan of hasatan from Beresheit 3:15, to destroy the Jewish people, in his eternal carnal state, he believes the elimination of the Jewish people is to catch Elohim in a lie, thereby retaining his pseudo rule on earth, needless to say, his time is short and this is the reason we are witnessing these end of days event being played out, so much so that even agnostics and Atheist are asking, what is going on, by the way, in the 2520 day 7 year tribulation, there will be no atheist, no agnostics… The beast will bring to bear, serve me, or you will die… Wish I had more time to share and more space to share with, but suffice it to say…..

    Continued below…

  5. Mark Watkins says:

    We are in the end game, if anyone who reads this piece and my comment, if you don’t know Yeshua as you’re personal Saviour, ask Him into life today, this very moment, for we have no hope for tomorrow, please read Romans 10:9-10, accept Yeshua, confess Him as Adonai, believe Elohim raised Him from the dead, and confess him to others and you shall be saved!!! Brachot b’ Mashiach Yeshua….

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