MembersTrump + Brexit = Amerexit

by Victor Mordecai

Now that the dust is settling on the American presidential elections, we can discern a revolution taking place in religious and nationalist governments worldwide against the dominant globalist agenda.

A REVOLUTION in politics worldwide

With the end of World War II and its aftermath in Europe in the early 1950s, we witnessed mostly socialist or social democratic ideologies which came to fruition in the formation of Benelux, the Common Market and later the European Union. These alliances grew out of the understanding that it was crazy for white, Christian Europeans to slaughter each other in the millions over the last two millennia.


Indeed, one of the greatest accomplishments in Europe over the last 60 years is that war between white, European Christians has been avoided, with the exception of the breakup of the Republic of Yugoslavia into ethnic sub-states.


The dominant ideology of the Europeans became social democracy and its conclusions were as follows: War is evil. War is caused by nationalism and religion. Nationalism and religion come from God. Therefore they claim that God is evil. So God is effectively banned or at least becomes delegitimized.


As long as the...

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