MembersTunisia: From Church-Burning to Assassination Attempt

Christian minorities vulnerable amid political chaos

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Tunisia
Is Tunisia on the brink of another Arab Spring? And what does that mean for local Christians?

If you ask anyone what is the most democratic country in the Arab world today, most will point to Tunisia. If you had asked this question a few years ago you would probably have gotten the answer Lebanon. These are two states that have typically had regular elections and a functioning parliament. However, Lebanese politics have been hijacked by Hezbollah and Iran. And today Tunisia is sliding like other countries toward the abyss of civil war and anarchy.

Tunisia was the first Arab country to say ‘no’ to repression, the first in which the “Arab Spring” broke out – without any shooting or massacre to this day. It was the country whose inhabitants could say that they, unlike those in other Arab countries, enjoyed democracy and tolerance. But what is happening these days in Tunisia is a trampling of democracy and a violation of minorities.

Just two weeks ago we reported on the antisemitic remarks of Tunisian President Kais Saied.

He was elected in part because of his hatred for Israel....

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