Tunisian President Calls Jews Thieves EPA-EFE/FETHI BELAID / POOL
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Tunisian President Calls Jews Thieves

The one trick that has always worked for presidents and kings to divert attention from their own problems: Blame the Jews.


Ten years after the Arab Spring began in Tunisia the country is again in the headlines. This follows a series of violent demonstrations against a backdrop of economic hardship. The Tunisian president, troubled by the demonstrations, found an “original” way to gather supporters around him, and to deal with the complaints: Blame and attack Israel and the Jews.

This is what Saddam Hussein did in the Gulf War when he fired 39 missiles at Israel following the US attack against him when he invaded Kuwait. And so have many after him. Hostility against Israel or against the Jews routinely serves as a unifying factor.

And now we have Tunisian President Kais Saied on a visit to a Tunis suburb, accusing the Jews of being nothing but thieves.

“We know very well who the people are who are controlling the country today, and that it is the Jews that are doing the stealing, and we need to put an end to it,” said Saied. Here is a video of the president addressing a street crowd.

The Tunisian president spoke out in a...


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