Tunisian Jews in Immediate Danger EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA
Middle East

Tunisian Jews in Immediate Danger

The president of Tunisia is creating an environment of increasing antisemitism


Acts of provocation against the Jews of Tunisia continue. While campaigning ahead of elections, Tunisian President Kais Saied accused Israel of being at war with the Muslim world. This found a responsive chord in the hearts of many Tunisians. He also said that any Muslim leader who normalizes relations with the Zionists should be prosecuted for treason. In other words, he deems anyone who maintains relations with Israel a traitor to the Arab Umma (nation) and the Palestinian people.

Following his election, Saied’s campaign of hatred for Israel only expanded, and now includes Tunisian Jews, whom he called thieves. Afterward he apologized, claiming his words were taken out of context.

Because of Kais Saied, Tunisia has changed from being a tolerant Muslim country, to being a typical Muslim country with less tolerance – a country that does not respect its minorities. A few weeks ago, a Tunisian church was set on fire, and now the harm to Jews is escalating.


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