Update on the Church in Iraq Rami Dabbas
Middle East

Update on the Church in Iraq

A live report on the battle for Christianity in Iraq from Israel Today’s Middle East correspondent


This year, Christmas will not be merry for Christians in Iraq. Once a thriving church dating  back to the church planting efforts of the Apostle Paul, the Iraqi Church has been left decimated, barely hanging on for dear life.

Record numbers of Christians are leaving Iraq, and this once central Middle Eastern church that sent missionaries around the world, is close to extinction. “Another Christian exodus after the one that occurred after ISIS entered Iraq will herald the end of Christianity in Iraq after 2000 years of its existence,” Iraqi Pastor Bashar Haddad now exiled in the US told Israel Today.

The carnage of Christianity began long before ISIS took control of the heavily populated Christian regions of Northern Iraq in 2014. A series of car bomb attacks in 2004 during Sunday evening services in churches in Baghdad and Mosul heralded the tragic future of what once was the Middle East’s largest church. The six attacks killed 12 people and wounded at least...


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