Arabs respond to US riots Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90
Middle East

US Riots: Arab and Iranian Reactions

“I remember when Obama and Hillary defended those who broke into the Kuwaiti parliament. What a double standard!”


It’s difficult these days to find any event that pleases both Iran and the Arab countries. But in recent years the realization has finally “clicked” for Arab leaders who have finally come to realize that their true enemy is not Israel, but rather the Islamic Republic, as proven by the recent Israeli-Arab peace agreements. Arab rulers and Iranian leaders rarely agree on anything – except for what is happening today in the US; they are both overjoyed by the riots in the US capital, the break-in at Congress, the violent demonstrations and clashes with the police, not to mention the fatalities, all of which are being closely watched in this region.

Officially, the Arab governments have remained silent. No statements have been issued regarding these events for understandable reasons. But it is clear that the Arab leaders are very happy and smiling. Whether or not they were in power at the time, these leaders have not forgotten that when the riots erupted in their own capitals during the “Arab Spring,” the United States was quick to insist that...


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