Virtual Reality, or Tangible Dream? Johanna Geron/FLASH90

Virtual Reality, or Tangible Dream?

This is just one of so many local stories demonstrating Jewish-Arab coexistence, despite the failure of the ‘peace process’

A typical WhatsApp exchange: Aviel: Shalom and Ahlan, Abu Nader, how are you? How is your family? Listen, my daughter is going to Sinai with two friends next week. Please take care of her and pick her up at the Taba border crossing. She needs a ride to Sharm el-Sheikh. Tishlach li… Abu Nader: Shalom, Avi, Shalom. How is your wife and children? All good? I will take care of it. Give her my WhatsApp and tell her to get in touch with me as soon as she’s in Eilat. Don’t worry, Avi. I’ll take care of everything. Tishlach li……