We All Need a Little Desert Time

Join our trek into the biblical desert to visit Mount Karkom – December 15-22, 2022

By Aviel Schneider |

Mount Karkom is a mysterious place in the middle of the desert. It has always been considered a sacred place to which people have made pilgrimages for thousands of years. Its numerous rock carvings are particularly striking, including a depiction of a tablet of the law with the Ten Commandments. The many rock paintings directly on the mountain and in its immediate vicinity are reminiscent of the biblical story, such as “the fiery serpents and scorpions.”

The twelve stones at the foot of the mountain are more than impressive. Every time I stand in front of these stones, I feel transported straight back to the time of Moses, when he wrote down God’s words and got up early in the morning to “build an altar under the foot of the mountain, with twelve marking stones, according to the twelve tribes of Israel.”

The upper mountain plateau looks like a lunar landscape, covered with black flint stones. And then suddenly, standing stone figures jump out of the ground, framed by a huge panoramic view over the biblical Paran Desert.

For me this area is a haven. Here I find real stillness. Because the mountain is in a restricted area, access is not possible except for three weeks a year. In addition, it is very difficult and laborious to reach this mountain by jeep.

We will trek on foot from Wadi Lotz, via Oded Wells and Mount Arif to Mount Karkom. A seven-day desert hike is only possible at Hanukkah because of the hot summer climate. We will spend the last two days at the foot of the mountain and on its plateau, so that everyone can find their stillness and, who knows, maybe a new and fresh direction for their lives. We all need a bit of desert in our lives now and then. Everything is so hectic. Believe me, really switching off and concentrating on God’s voice at the foot of the mountain next to the twelve marking stones is something unique and must be experienced once in a lifetime.

Again and again the question arises as to what is more important: the moment of biblical legislation on Mount Sinai, or the collective memory of it? Most agree that the collective memory is more important than the moment in the desert some 4,000 years ago. The memory from generation to generation keeps faith and hope alive. We will talk about this and much more around the campfire under the stars.

The desert trek for tourists to the holy mountain is a unique opportunity. Here you can get to know Israel in a new and different way, away from the usual tourist sites. It’s a desert trek for those who want to experience something completely new.


Mount Karkom Desert Tour – December 15-22, 2022

The number of participants is limited, physical fitness is a prerequisite. Participants will only be accepted after a telephone interview.



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