MembersWe Are All Really Still “In the Beginning”

The message of our story as told in the lives of the biblical figures seems clear: It’s about starting over

Photo: Avshalom Sasson/Flash90

For Jews around the world, this Shabbat we go back to the beginning and start the New Jewish Year. We return to Genesis in our public reading of the Bible. We start where we began in hope of finding a better way forward.

Our story begins when the world is capped off with Man and Woman, His premier creation, made in His image with the capacity to be Holy, as He is.

God created His world by separating Light from Darkness, the Heavens (shamaim in Hebrew, meaning the waters “above”) from the waters “below.”

He made vegetation, heavenly bodies, sea life, insects, birds and animals, and we are given a Garden in Eden to live in with dominion over all other creatures. Quite The Beginning. There’s a Tree of Knowledge, but also a Free Will and a Temptation and a Snake. A Fall sends us into a State more in tune with man’s name: Adama, dirt, worldly.

Adam’s children enter our story and one of the sons becomes so Jealous he murders his brother,...

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