‘We Are the Only Ones Who Celebrate Death’

Palestinian medias continue to encourage terrorism by celebrating those who perpetrate it

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: arab press, palestinians

The peace agreements signed to date with Israel obligate the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cease all rhetoric and incitement that might encourage Palestinian Arabs to engage in suicidal acts of violence against the Jewish state. But to this day, the Palestinian Authority continues such incitement, primarily in the form of lavishing praise (to say nothing of the monetary rewards) on all who give their lives to kill Israelis.

These “martyrs,” as they’re called, are among the most celebrated individuals in Palestinian society. And the more Israelis one managed to kill, the greater the martyrdom status.

In the August 27 broadcast of the daily PA TV program Palestine This Morning, the hosts interviewed the mothers of two such martyrs, telling them that “martyrdom in Palestine [sic] is unique. We are the only ones who celebrate the news of a Martyr’s wedding.”

According to Islamic tradition, a martyr is greeted in heaven by 72 virgins who become his wives for all eternity. That’s quite the incentive to blow one’s self up. And that the Palestinian Authority continues to promote martyrdom via its official channels again demonstrates that it is not committed to peace, but rather to the original PLO mission of destroying Israel.

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