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We Have Lost Proportionality

We need a shaking up from time to time to restore our sense of balance


The current crisis has forced us to admit that we’ve lost proportionality. We work hard and know how to enjoy life, everyone in his own way. What characterizes our life is work, shopping, vacation, travel, restaurants, etc. We have become slaves to a lavish lifestyle.

The same is true of our spiritual lives. We tend to take things for granted, as if our daily routine is somehow part of the divine nature.

But then someone pulled the handbrake and our heads hit the windshield. The coronavirus brought everything to a sudden halt.

Many anticipated such a scenario, but none could point a finger to exactly what might happen. We all thought it would be another war that would shake up the nation and unite us against a common foe. None of us dreamed of a global pandemic invading each country through business trips, vacations and pilgrimages.

This virus terrorizes us all like a suicide bomber who nobody can see until he explodes.

The source is said to have been a bat in China. But I don’t care if it...


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