‘We Must Attack Iran Now,’ Insists Israeli Lawmaker

Israeli jets spotted escorting heavy American bombers across the Middle East in clear message to the Islamic Republic

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Iran
Israeli jets lined up for training against a fictional foe that looks a lot like Iran and its proxies. 
Israeli jets lined up for training against a fictional foe that looks a lot like Iran and its proxies.  Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Tzachi Hanegbi says that Israel needs to attack Iran, and it needs to do so by the end of this year.

Hanegbi is a former cabinet minister and prominent lawmaker with the opposition Likud party. And he insists that Israel’s words need to translate to action in regards to stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Should the US, Europe and other world powers fail in a last ditch effort to convince Iran to return to the negotiating table, Hanegbi said that the current Israeli government would have the backing of the Likud-led opposition to launch a preemptive military strike on the Islamic Republic.

“Iran is an existential threat. We give full backing to this government if the decision is made to strike. We are approaching the crossroads of a decision on the Iranian issue,” said Hanegbi at a cultural event over the weekend. “If there is no agreement between Iran and the world powers, we should attack Iran by the end of 2021.”

When Israel Foreign Minister Yair Lapid met with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken earlier this month, he noted that Iran would soon become a nuclear threshold state. Israel, he stressed, could not tolerate that outcome.

Blinken and other top US officials since then have moved closer to the Israeli position, though without explicitly threatening military action. Israel, on the other hand, has been open about its plans to attack Iran should the Islamic Republic’s defiant nuclear program move forward.

A week after Lapid’s return to Israel, his government approved a special budget of 5 billion shekels for a potential attack on Iran. See: War Alert? Israel Approves Budget for Iran Airstrikes

In closely related news, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Saturday tweeted photos and footage of Israeli fighter jets escorting an American heavy bomber across the Middle East.

Israel called the flight a demonstration of continued close cooperation between the allies, and it was seen as a clear message to Iran that Israel and the US are ramping up preparation for a joint military operation.

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