MembersWhat Do the Druze Think of Zionism?

“We and the Jewish people are brothers. We have a covenant with them, and we fight beside them”

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Zionism
The Druze and the Jews have a relationship going back to Jethro, father-in-law of Moses. Photo: MOSHE MILNER/GPO

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens wrote in his memoir In Defense of Israel, “I have always been impressed by the loyalty of the Druze community in Israel to the State of Israel, and by the service of their sons in the IDF. Among Israel’s minorities, the Druze and Circassian men are called up for compulsory military service, unlike the Muslim and Christian Arab young men.”

“I instructed to allow Druze soldiers to choose among all branches of the IDF instead of obliging them to serve in the Minority Battalion,” he added. “That has been the IDF policy ever since. Gradually, the number of Druze who preferred service in the other battalions grew. The Druze battalion was disbanded in 2015. Today, Druze soldiers can be found serving in all branches in the IDF and Druze officers have reached its highest ranks.”

Statistics have proven this assessment to be correct. According to the Israel Democracy Index, while most Muslim Arabs in Israel vote for the Joint Arab List, most Druze Israeli citizens vote...

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