When Bibi Disturbed Everyone’s Dinner

Netanyahu and massive security detail invade fancy NY restaurant; 20 bodyguards accompany him to bathroom

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Patrons of the upscale New York City restaurant Harry Cipriani had their evening out rudely disturbed when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in town for the UN General Assembly, decided to dine there with his wife, Sarah, on Tuesday.

A number of other celebrities were at the restaurant at the time. An eyewitness told Page Six that 20 agents from the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) arrived before Netanyahu to secure the premises and take up positions around the restaurant. The Israeli leader arrived shortly after with an additional 20 bodyguards.

Harry Cipriani only seats about 100 people.

Those who witnessed the affair were somewhat bemused by the fact that 20 bodyguards accompanied Netanyahu to the bathroom midway through his meal.

Less amusing was how the Israeli agents took control of the restaurant and the hotel in which it is located, subjecting all who entered to pat-downs and metal detectors.

“He must be the most protected man in the world right now,” one eyewitness told Page Six.

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