MembersWhy are Muslim Refugees Turning to Christianity?

Is it a true conversion to faith in Jesus, or simply a matter of convenience, perhaps even necessity for asylum seekers?

By Rami Dabbas | | Topics: CHRISTIANS
Why are Muslim refugees turning to Christianity?

People embrace a different religion usually out of some deep conviction or as a result of personal revelation. When this happens to Muslims and they embrace Christianity, their lives typically become more difficult due to discrimination, restrictive laws and legislation and even the threat of death for becoming an apostate. It has been common for such people to seek asylum in European and other Western countries.

But in recent years, Europe has experienced an influx of a different sort as a result of the incessant wars and conflicts across the Arab world. Millions of people from these countries have been forced to migrate and seek refuge in European countries to escape the destruction, killings and persecution.

This has been accompanied by a large number of requests from Muslim refugees to change their religion to Christianity. But are these genuine conversions like those mentioned above, or rather conversions of convenience?


Conversion with benefits

According to the head of the Islamic Council in Germany, Ayman Mazek, most Muslim refugees looking to convert to Christianity are doing so...

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