Why do you have to get car insurance in Israel?

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TLDR: Driving without insurance in Israel is a super bad idea.

If you have ever driven in Israel you would know that it is quite an exhilarating experience! So today we will discuss why you need to get car insurance in Israel and what happens when you don’t.

Any vehicle owner in this wonderful country knows that they must, must, MUST purchase car insurance, even if it’s the basic package. But not to worry, the basic obligatory insurance, AKA the legally required Mandatory Insurance policy or in Hebrew: “Teudat Chova”, isn’t crazy expensive and will still cover most damages and bodily harm. So pretty much, if you own a car, you better have it insured!

Next, let’s dive into the types of insurance you can buy and how it will benefit you in the future.

First, there is Compulsory Insurance, the Mandatory Insurance mentioned before, which covers any personal injuries, including to your passengers and any pedestrians involved. The more comprehensive insurance option is Bituach Makif, which covers your car against theft, accident, and fire, as well as damage caused to a third-party car or property. The last option you have is a third-party insurance called “Tzad Gimme”l, which basically handles the damages to other property.

In our humble opinion, if you are considering buying a car, you better get yourself some insurance. Now, if you prefer to gamble with your license, savings, and freedom, you can take the risk of driving without the proper insurance. You will likely be fined, stripped of your license, and potentially incarcerated depending on the situation at hand. According to Israeli law, Section 2 of the Road Transport Ordinance of 1961, drivers are required to make sure their vehicles undergo an annual inspection that checks if the car is safe to ride on the road. Most people don’t check, leading to a higher likelihood of getting into an accident while on the road, meaning it’s way better to be covered just in case.

You may ask yourself, what if I have a brand-new car? Newly bought cars can be more expensive from an insurance perspective because their replacement value is ultimately higher. As most cars age, they tend to depreciate, meaning that the insurance rates for that vehicle will decrease over time. Additionally, certain types of cars, usually luxury-level vehicles, cost more to insure than the more cost-effective options. Most drivers in Israel that are insured, tend to choose the more comprehensive auto insurance option, especially if they just bought a new car. Even though this will be more expensive upfront, it will likely save them money in the long run.

Long story short, driving without insurance in this country will likely lead to undesired consequences, especially if you get into a car accident. If you are already in the boat of people who don’t have basic insurance and you are still driving around town, you better go get yourself some coverage pronto!


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