Why Does Everyone Want to Invest in Israel? Shutterstock

Why Does Everyone Want to Invest in Israel?

Hi-tech leaders say that for the same reason God chose Israel, mega-corporations, too, are attracted to the Jewish state

“Miele is investing one million Euros in its marketing in Israel.” This was the heading in mid-September on Ynet. Why are mega-corporations so keen to invest in Israel? Just because of the new technologies there? What else is behind all this? German manufacturer Miele has decided to introduce its new battery-powered hand-held vacuum cleaner Triflex HX1 not only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria; they have also selected Israel as one of their first markets. The head of Miele, Reinhard Zinkann, told Ynet that Miele will be significantly increasing its profile in the Israeli market. “We trust the Israeli economy to…