MembersWhy I Danced at My Father’s Funeral

I prayed for my Abba’s resurrection at his funeral, and danced before God when my prayer wasn’t answered

By Oriel Moran | | Topics: Faith
Saying farewell to my Abba, with confidence that I will see him again. Photo: Oriel Moran

After the death of my Abba (the best Dad one could ask for), I am convinced, more than ever, that death is not natural.

I know that all born are also destined to die, but the way I see it, death was not included in God’s ‘Plan A’ for humanity. So when we experience death, our souls are torn, and finding solace is near impossible if not for the supernatural comfort of God.

The more I observe the story of creation and Adam and Eve’s reaction to sin entering the world, the more I sympathize with their disillusionment.

What a horrible reality it must have been to exist in God’s perfect love and safety and then, with one decision, experience the crushing sensation of death, separation and horror as they realized that mortality would now be the lot of every living being that was or ever will be.

All will, at some point, lose someone they love, and at another, be the loved one that is lost.

For those who believe in God and received salvation through...

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