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MembersWhy Israel Refuses to Provide Weapons to Ukraine

And why the Jewish state isn’t entirely comfortable with that position, necessary as it might be

Israeli demonstrators protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and blast their own government for not doing more to help Kiev. Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

How often have measures been taken against the State of Israel? Since its founding, Israel has often been threatened with sanctions and boycotts. The Arab League boycotted the Jewish state until almost the turn of the millennium. The Arab boycott was a measure to strategically, economically and militarily weaken the State of Israel, ultimately destroying it. But even as that situation improved, the the EU and the UN began threatening sanctions against Israel if it does not comply with their guidelines. Are sanctions against Israel forbidden, but allowed in the case of Ukraine? Israel is torn on the topic.

I bring this up because Israel actually has an arms embargo on Ukraine, which under the present circumstances has sparked a heated, self-critical debate in the country. Ten months ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked Israel to sell his country advanced military equipment, but to this day Jerusalem has refused to accommodate Ukraine. The reason is not any ill will toward Kiev, or a desire to weaken Ukraine in any way, but rather because Israel fears upsetting Vladimir Putin and Russia....

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