Will More Guns Reduce Crime and Terror? Israeli Minister Says Yes

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir aims to loosen gun license requirements. “Armed citizens are key to stopping violence,” he insists.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Guns
National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir (left) is the latest Israeli politician to urge licensed citizens to carry guns at all times. Photo by Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90
National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir (left) is the latest Israeli politician to urge licensed citizens to carry guns at all times. Photo by Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90

Israel is experiencing a steady and worrying rise in homicides and terror attacks. And National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir believes that part of the solution is to get more guns in the hands of responsible citizens.

Since the start of the year, Israel has suffered 78 homicides, a sharp jump from the first four months of 2022. Police officials told Haaretz that this is partially due to their forces being spread too thin by ongoing anti-government demonstrations.

It was also notable that the vast majority of the homicides (60) occurred in the Arab sector, which has seen a significant increase in internal violence.

Palestinian terrorism has claimed another 18 Israeli lives since the start of 2023, with many times that number wounded in dozens of attacks.

Ben-Gvir noted in social media remarks that the terror casualty figures would have been much higher had armed citizens not intervened when they did.

“In many terrorist attacks that have taken place in recent months, we have seen how important and critical the reaction of armed citizens is,” he wrote. “This is a critical and life-saving security issue.”

Since taking office Ben-Gvir has been focused on loosening Israel’s restrictive gun license regulations.

Israel has much more stringent gun laws than the United States, despite much of the population being familiar with firearms due to the country’s near-universal compulsory military service.

In most cases, civilians may only carry pistols, and licenses are mainly dependent on completing firearms training. Most individuals can own only a single handgun, and be in possession of a fixed limit of bullets at any given time.

Applicants must meet minimum age requirements, have no criminal record, and provide a declaration signed by a doctor that they are physically and mentally healthy. Licenses must also be renewed every three years.

Ben-Gvir isn’t planning to do away with those regulations, but does want to fix the requirements so that more Israelis meet them.

For instance, he decried the fact that thousands of former IDF soldiers trained in the use of firearms are for one reason or another disqualified from obtaining a personal gun license under the current licensing regime.

The minister also said he had pushed through 12,000 pending gun license applications that “were stuck due to bureaucratic complications.”

“With God’s help, many more citizens will be able to obtain a gun license, without bureaucratic difficulties and in a much more efficient way than before,” he concluded.


Where it will help, and where it won’t

More guns in the hands of more responsible citizens has proved important in combatting what Israelis call “lone wolf” terrorism – shooting, stabbing and car-ramming attacks by individual terrorists.

And Ben-Gvir isn’t the first Israeli politician to urge more Israelis to carry guns as a deterrence to terrorism.

See: More Israelis Urged to Carry Guns After Weekend of Terror

The increase in gun licenses is less likely to help curb criminal homicides, especially in the Arab sector, where military service is not mandatory and very few meet the criteria to obtain a firearm permit.

With reporting by TPS.


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5 responses to “Will More Guns Reduce Crime and Terror? Israeli Minister Says Yes”

  1. John Yearwood says:

    As a Texan who has been raised on the Mexican border all my life and I have carried a firearm since I was 16 and raised around firearms, but mostly used at a snake or varmint, it’s absolutely true that there is less crime.
    With all the Israelis being in the military and having a knowledge of firearms is a big plus.
    The last thing that a person should do is pull out a firearm, if they can out run them is best, but a criminal has no problem pulling out a illegal weapon if they know they’re the only ones who has a firearm.
    Look at the Mexican citizens, they are not allowed a firearm and the cartels control the country.
    Give everyone in Mexico a 357 and there will be no more massive shootings.
    My dad always said gun control debate is one word, “Mexico.”
    Pulling out a firearm is the last thing ever.
    But outlaw firearms and only outlaws will have firearms.

  2. Michael Green says:

    This is true, Israel will be better off with leaders like, National Security Minister, Ben-Gvir.

  3. hdfuerst says:

    Die israelischen Bürger müssen sich angesichts der immer mehr Angriffe der Palästinenser
    verteidigen können. Ohne Bewaffnung ist kein Israeli sich mehr sicher. Das Heer der Israeliten, die damals aus Ägypten auszogen, war ebenfalls bewaffnet, und Gott befürwortete das; so auch heute.

  4. Mark Watkins says:


    Absolutely it will help, I have advocated for it here, my point was a much larger segment of the population, but once again Ben Gvir has proven he is a Man’s Man, a Jews Jew, in my books a Hero who is to be reckoned with… Good on You Ben Gvir 🙂

  5. Paul Farmer says:

    “Lone wolf” terrorists are going to go after the most vulnerable. They are cowards. The only way to stop them is with force. Being unable to protect yourself will not stop them, it will only encourage them.

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