Winged Mossad Agent Captured Over Saudi Arabia

An active Arab imagination has resulted in numerous innocent animals being executed as “Israeli spies”

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Mossad
Photo: Doron Horowitz/Flash90

It is well known that the Mossad is responsible for Israel’s security outside its borders and that the famous Israeli spy agency sometimes uses a variety of agents with different identities to infiltrate Arab countries. 

Most Mossad agents are Israelis, but often the agency recruits spies from other countries who are sent to infiltrate Israel’s enemies according to the particular skills the task requires. In this case, a special agent was recruited, unlike any other in the past.

A recent Twitter post reported on a Mossad agent that was captured in northern Saudi Arabia. The agent, it turns out, was a vulture. The official Saudi report determined that the “Mossad agent” was an Israeli vulture armed with photographic and “espionage” equipment. “Heroes” of the Saudi security forces were on their way to place him under arrest and take the bird away for interrogation. The video shows Saudi youngsters at the scene who say that they are not asking for any prizes for the capture, but that they are Saudi nationals who love their homeland and the “security services” (what else could they say as Saudi officials came to investigate). It’s not clear as to the fate of the poor vulture, but chances are likely that he will be executed.

But alas, the innocent bird is not a Mossad agent at all, but a vulture with a tracking device attached to his body by the Veterinary Department of Tel-Aviv University. The department is exploring the migration of birds in the region. This is not the first time that a “Mossad agent” has been caught in Arab countries. In fact, a few years ago another vulture was captured in Lebanon and was immediately suspected of being part of an Israeli attempt to spy on Hezbollah. About nine years ago, the Egyptians caught a shark along the coast of Sinai and immediately suspected that the Israelis had sent the fish, and spread such rumors around the region and the world.

“They say that the Israeli Mossad has released a lethal shark into the Red Sea in order to undermine tourism in Egypt,” the governor of the South Sinai district, Muhammad Abd al-Fadil Shusha, told an Egyptian news agency. 

Sharks, carnivorous birds, pigeons, storks and even squirrels are all animals that have been reported in recent years being used by the Mossad. As strange as it may sound, many people believe these reports, and some of the animals were actually executed as punishment for cooperating with the “Zionist enemy.” It is clear that as most of these reports come from Arab countries, that they are a result of an active Arab imagination that likes to attribute any unusual activities to a Mossad conspiracy.

A lot of this hysteria stems from the trauma inflicted by the success of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who in the 1960s had so successfully infiltrated Syria that he was appointed by the Syrian president as the country’s Minister of Defense. Middle East Arabs have yet to get over the scandal of the Cohen affair, and tend to attribute a lot of internal problems and abnormal incidents to the Israeli spy agency.

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