MembersYoung Israeli Believers on the Upcoming Elections

Israel is about to go to the polls, and just as with every national election, the outcome of this one is being touted as “critical” to the future of the Jewish state.

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Gershon Elinson/Flash90

Israel Today contributor Arthur Schwartzman asked a sampling of young local Messianic Jews how they view the situation, and for whom they intend to vote.

Israel Today: Are you happy with the current government?
Ron (law student, 24): Partially. The government is complex; I’m satisfied with certain ministries. I am mainly disappointed with the Ministry of Finance.
Veronica (tele-banker, 24): No. I feel they are talking more than they’re acting. I imagine it’s a bit more complicated to act, and we would not have chosen them if they had not talked, but it feels like they are doing the opposite of what they promised. Of course, as a believer, all I can do is continue to pray and trust God that He has chosen the present government and that their decisions will ultimately represent His will.

Will you vote in the upcoming elections? Yael (social worker, 30): Definitely. Noa (security guard, 24): Politics do not interest me at all. I don’t see justice there, and I do not believe in anyone. Everything will...

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