A Fascinating Tour of Israel’s Ralli Museum David Lazarus
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A Fascinating Tour of Israel’s Ralli Museum

On display is a stunning collection of art commemorating the history of the Jews of Spain and their impact on the world

Among the villas of Caesarea overlooking the pristine Mediterranean coastline between Tel Aviv and Haifa sit two dazzling white Spanish colonial–style buildings with red-tile roofs and open terraces. These are home to the Ralli Museums.  The first holds treasures from the city’s biblical history, with exhibitions telling the story of Caesarea throughout its different periods, including a display titled “Herod’s Dream.” The second, in the Moorish style of the Iberian Peninsula, is dedicated to the Golden Era of Spanish, or Sephardic, Jewry. It was a singular pleasure to be led by Museum Director Lily Tzohar through the courtyards of glistening…