A Jew Doesn’t Deport a Refugee

As frequent as these are, appeals to the “Jewish heart” are nevertheless manipulative and cynical

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Insisting that Israel take in an untold number of refugees from Ukraine, or anywhere, could lead to the end of the Jewish state. Photo: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90

Dovetailing my article “Ukraine Challenges Israel on Defining Refugees as ‘Guests'” in which I wrote: “given that Israel’s Supreme Court acts as an independent sovereign, hence not bound by the state’s laws, it can both grant standing to Ukraine’s proxy, and overrule Shaked’s decision,” the Supreme Court did accept the appeal of Ukraine challenging Israel’s refugee policy. Last Monday the Court said it will deliberate on Israel’s refugee policy within a week. The postponement came after the government told the Court that “this is an emerging policy in which frequent changes are being made.”

And changes have been made, to the effect of opening wide Israel’s gates to refugees from Ukraine. In addition to dropping some bureaucratic red tape, which will make it easier to enter Israel, the government also now allows for relatives of non-Jewish Ukrainians living in Israel to enter the country. Since there are about half a million of them living in Israel, the number of relatives choosing to come to Israel could be millions. Were this to happen, Israel as a Jewish state would collapse.

Facebook post of “The Forum for the Absorption of Ukrainian Refugees.”
The poster reads, “A Jew doesn’t deport a refugee.” The text reads: “We of all people shouldn’t stand by, should open our home
until they have a home to return to.”
(Such a plea will fool only those who believe the Israeli Supreme Court will allow the deportation of any refugee against their will).

Willingly or not, Israel’s government is succumbing to pressure that may end the Zionist project, because its powerful elite no longer accepts the notion of a Jewish state, which today’s “progressives” (for lack of a better term) deem to be a racist state. This is why this elite that rules the media and the legal system is doing whatever it can to turn Israel into a non-Jewish state. That is despite the fact that in its working definition of antisemitism, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum includes the clause which says that included among antisemites are those who “deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of the State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

Among those calling to open Israel’s gates wide open to refugees are Cabinet Ministers and Knesset Members, as well as Israel’s “crème de la crème,” who now support the new campaign under the banner “A Jew doesn’t deport a refugee.” This campaign, started a week ago, is run by a new organization called “The Forum for the Absorption of Ukrainian Refugees.” Though we don’t yet know who are the people behind it and who contributes money to it, there is no question whatsoever that this is just one more organization that is working toward putting an end to Israel as a Jewish state. If definitions in a post-modern world mean anything, according to the definition of Yad Vashem, Jews working toward such a goal are antisemites, plain and simple.

That doesn’t seem to deter any of these people, who are now demonstrating, in small numbers but with big media coverage, in front of the house of Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, demanding in the name of a Judaism they couldn’t care less about that she permit an unlimited number of refugees to enter Israel. This use of “Judaism” to end Zionism is not new. When the big wave of illegal immigrants from Sudan and Eritrea infiltrated the border from Egypt, the same kind of people used the commandment “love the stranger” to justify their anti-Zionist ideology. As frequent as these are, appeals to the “Jewish heart” are nevertheless manipulative and cynical.

It was about these kinds of Jews that Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, commonly known as Nachmanides, once said: “[They are] villains by permission of the Law.” A villain by permission of the law will pluck out your eye and say the Law has permitted “an eye for an eye.” Such a villain will insist on destroying Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, thus turning Jews into refugees, and at the same time claim to be a “good Jew” who welcomes the non-Jewish strangers, who can be anybody, not just a refugee.

It would have been one thing if those seeking to end the Jewish state were marginal people. It is another when such people are representing Israel’s “best.” A petition posted last week by “The Forum for the Absorption of Ukrainian Refugees” was signed by such prominent names as former Mossad director Tamir Prado, former Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) director Yaakov Peri, popular singers Shalom Hanoch and Aviv Geffen, well-known authors Ronny Someck and Etgar Keret, popular chefs Gil Hovav and Israel Aharoni, and this impressive list of “useful idiots” goes on. This is why, if Israel will not put an end to what is essentially and antisemitic trend, it will put an end to Israel as we know it.

All of the above is not say that Jews should not help refugees. An example of true Jewish spirit can be found in the new fundraising campaign of the Jewish Agency to Israel. Their plea, which says nothing about absorbing an unlimited numbers of refugees into Israel, reads: “Now it is our turn to donate! The Jewish Agency and the Israeli spirit in a national fundraising campaign for the Ukrainian refugees.” I, for one, have donated.

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