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Joining together shoulder-to-shoulder

By Israel Today Staff |

Hi there,

And thanks for joining us along this journey! Since 1978 we have pioneered a local Israeli, Messianic and Christian pro-Israel voice in the news media. Whether you are a brand new reader or a long-time subscriber, we could not have done this without you and wanted you to know how much we appreciate that we are standing together for Zion’s sake!

Hardly a month goes by without it being obvious that there is truly a battle over the Jewish nation, our future, sovereignty, and the hearts of our people. As you know, this battle has multiple dimensions – from suicide bombers to missile launchers, anonymous cyber-hacks to the ongoing threat of distorted media – not to mention the underlying spiritual and religious dimension in the battle for Israel.

Over four decades ago we opened a window for you to gaze into this land and see a unique perspective from the ground-level here inside of Israel. Since then, it has been our privilege to bring you thousands of breaking news items and analyses, informed by Biblical Zionism; in multiple languages; on paper and now from our digital magazine newsroom website and various social media platforms; reaching the far corners of the globe instantaneously. To this day, prayer groups in many languages use our inside reporting to stay informed and pray informed.

Our readers, like us, your writers, hail from a spectrum of viewpoints – Jewish, Messianic, Christian and others – from around the world. What holds us together is a love of Zion. We are united in appreciation for the divine miracle that is the modern State of Israel as we stand together on the “Walls of Jerusalem.” Oh yea, and we are not afraid to tell it like it is even as everything seems to be building up towards confrontations of epic, biblical dimensions before our eyes.

All of that said, it is important to us that you understand that we are experiencing financial difficulties during the summer. Folks are on holiday, but the battle for Israel keeps right on heating up, and we need your support. If you value our work together for Zion’s Sake, would you consider contributing a donation to our journalistic mission?

Also, if you haven’t already joined our community, now is a great time to consider an all-access subscription membership. Check out the details here.

Again, thanks for standing with Israel and with us! We appreciate you and always love to hear your comments and “constructive” feedback.


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All the best,

David Shishkoff and David Lazarus, on behalf of the entire Israel Today Staff in Jerusalem and around the country


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