Did Israel strike an Iran missile factory? EPA-EFE/STRNGER
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ANALYSIS: Did Israel Bomb Iran’s Secret Missile Program?

Tehran says it was just a gas explosion. Experts disagree.


Another mysterious explosion rocked Iran on Friday morning, and the Islamic Republic is again lying about what really happened in order to conceal its clandestine nuclear activities to obtain long-range missiles that can reach Israel and even the United States.

The Islamist regime of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said several gas tanks near the military complex Parchin had exploded.

However, a gas tank explosion causes a large gray plume of smoke which wasn’t visible on the video released by Iran’s state-controlled media in order to sell the story.

So what really happened?

According to the Iranian opposition in exile, the explosion took place not in Parchin, but in the Khojir region east of Tehran, as satellite images showed.

The Khojir region is home to two Iranian companies that work on solid-propellant missiles and liquid-fuel ballistic missiles. The mountainous area in Khojir also houses the Iranian Aerospace Industries Organization, which is part of Iran’s Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Ministry.

An American weapon expert says that based on...