“And You Shall Choose Life”

A present for a dear friend in Israel

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Torah

I am pleased to announce that my new book “And You Shall Choose Life” has been published in Hebrew and the distribution is currently in full swing.

The book was born out of a personal need to make the Torah accessible for daily living. Literally, reading and understanding what the message of God’s Word is and what it teaches me about my life.

Writing the book transformed the Torah into a Book of Life for me. I began to understand in depth the never-ending wonder of the words of the living God. And that is what I wanted to pass on to readers through my book.

The book contains all the traditional weekly Torah portions found in the first five books of the Bible. I chose to arrange the excerpts in a different order according to the deep questions that arise. The book itself, like the Torah, is divided into five parts. Five categories reflect the order of our development as human beings: Decision, Consciousness, Faith, Guidance, and Love. These are the five pillars of consciousness.

Choice, or decision is the starting point which leads to consciousness. When we make choices, and are conscious of that, the need to develop faith arises within us. Faith is what drives the characters in the Bible, and it is what drives us as human beings. When we believe and go our way in faith, the ability to take responsibility for our actions develops. When these qualities are ingrained in us, Love becomes our nature. Love is the oxygen that nourishes us even as we are commanded to love our God with all our hearts and with all our might. When we love, love radiates out of us enlarging the circle of love. And that’s the whole Torah is all about.

This development of our character is born out of a deep understanding of the structure of the human psyche and expresses a universal process that a person goes through in his life.

The book is currently being translated from German into German and I estimate it will be ready in the spring. When I was at the Israel Today Happening in Switzerland a week ago, I presented the Hebrew edition to the participants. I was very surprised that in the course of the days some people came up to me and wanted to buy the book for their friends and acquaintances who live in Israel and speak Hebrew.

This moved me very much and I understood that it might be worthwhile to offer it for sale to everyone as a gift idea for your dear friends in Israel.


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