Arab Muslim State Joins Fight Against Antisemitism

Move is yet another sign of the warming relations between the Jewish state and its Arab neighbors

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: Antisemitism
Rabbi Goldschmidt speaking in Moscow. Photo: Courtesy Conference of European Rabbis

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has initiated an action plan to combat hate crimes, including antisemitism, in conjunction with the Conference of European Rabbis (CER). The plan came after the Pope’s historic visit to Dubai. “For us, this is historical. Now a number of meetings are planned to formulate a final plan. By November, everything will be translated into concrete actions,” said CER President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt.

After the Pope’s visit, world leaders (Christians, Muslims and Jews) gathered at a conference in Moscow organized by the UAE and the CER to formulate an action plan for dealing with hate crimes and rising antisemitism. The initiative aims to raise awareness of hate crimes and learn together how to combat the phenomenon.

At the conference, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish leaders of faith were joined by Russian Jewish Congress President Anna Bukeshitskaya and other faith community leaders to discuss how they can prevent this phenomenon and deal with it through proper leadership within their communities.

The next step will be a conference in November where all participating religious community leaders will sign a treaty requiring them to combat violence and antisemitism in their communities. Hopes are that this first step of cooperation between religious communities will bring tolerance and reduce antisemitism and hate crimes among religious communities around the world.

Goldschmidt, who is also the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, said at the gathering: “As President of the CER, I deal with European Jewry, Antisemitism and the phenomenon of xenophobia, which is a very big problem affecting European minorities. We held the first conference in Russia because this is where we have mutual understanding between Muslims, Christians, Jews and other representatives of faiths. I am pleased that today’s representatives from various communities and organizations are discussing issues that cause xenophobia and can bring a real turnaround in the war on antisemitism.”

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