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In just a single sentence (Titus 2:14), Paul spells out the four basic components of the Gospel which should be firmly hammered into the conscience of all believers: The Messiah has given Himself for us, To redeem us from every lawless deed, To purify for Himself a people for His own possession, That will be zealous for good deeds.

By Ludwig Schneider | | Topics: WORD FROM JERUSALEM
Photo: Public domain

The fact that Yeshua (Jesus) offered up His life for us as the Lamb of God is the irrefutable foundation of the Gospel. There is no other redemption other than through the Messiah. He not only went to the cross to redeem us spiritually, but also to deliver us from every lawless deed (or from lawlessness).

This demands a response from us: Following the Lord has consequences. If we previously lived lawless lives we now must keep God’s law. This does not mean that we should live in slavish obedience to the law, but rather that we should become a pure people belonging to Him, zealous for good deeds; for “as a result of the works, faith was perfected” (James 2:22).

Titus was Greek and traveled occasionally with Paul on missionary journeys. He ended up becoming the bishop of Crete, according to the early Church historian Eusebius, and had his hands full with the believers there. They were fond of pious philosophizing, but did not think much of the practical fulfillment of the will of God; for them the Church...

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