MembersDiet as Medicine: The Medical Doctrine of Maimonides

The teachings and findings of Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon remain relevant even after more than 800 years

By Dana Naomi Ben Shlomi | | Topics: Tech & Tradition
Tourists visit outside the childhood home of medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher Maimonides, in the Jewish quarters in Cordoba, Spain. Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

As every year, Independence Day 2021 opened with a traditional torch-lighting ceremony. Yaish Giat was among the twelve citizens invited to light one of the beacons. He is 102-years-old and known for his spice shop where he sells, among other things, natural remedies according to the recipes of the legendary Jewish sage Maimonides. It is said that Giat’s spice mixes are made “out of love.” In addition, he works as a volunteer sofer (scribe of Torah scrolls, mezuzot, tefillin, and religious documents).

More and more people are interested in which foods are beneficial to health and which are better to avoid. The food supplements and natural medicine industries are also booming. Knowledge of these things is not new. Maimonides, that is Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, remains one of the most fascinating figures in the history of Jewish medicine. His findings are still relevant even after more than 800 years.


“Your food will be your medicine”

Maimonides insisted that good health was the natural condition that...

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