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MembersDo Only ‘Crazy’ Christians Love Israel?

Israelis are left wondering about their Evangelical Christian friends amid odd reactions to the Trump-Biden election

Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

American President Donald Trump spoiled Israel over the last four years. More than any of his predecessors he made the impossible possible, literally moving mountains for the Jewish State by bringing the US Embassy up to the mountains of Jerusalem. When his administration went ahead and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, no third world war broke out as threatened by the Palestinians and predicted by the media.

Then, when no one thought it possible, Trump’s administration together with Prime Minister Netanyahu succeeded in bringing Mohammed to Zion’s mountain when three Arab countries made peace with Israel in a period of just six weeks. No one had even dared walk down that path before, as no politician was willing to take a chance and think outside the politically-correct box. Some call him crazy, but in Israel we say Trump’s just crazy enough to actually get something done.

Naysayers now believe that a Biden presidency will save them from the unpredictability of Trump, while believers still can’t accept that he lost the election. Trump’s Evangelical Christian base...

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