MembersExclusive: First Israeli Woman to Conquer Everest – Part 1

6,000 climbers have conquered Mt. Everest since 1953, 600 of them women, one from Israel

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Everest
Photo: Daniel Wolfson

She met face-to-face with death and overcame. It turns out that the ascent to Everest’s peak is not the most dangerous thing. Getting off the mountain is where the troubles really began. “Until the mountain freed me from it, the danger wasn’t over,” Daniel Wolfson told Israel Today in an exclusive interview.

Daniel (a common woman’s name in modern Israel that is often written “Danielle” in the West) is a lawyer by profession, and prepared her own last will and testament before the climb. “Climbing and conquering the mountain was more important to me than life,” she said, and that is probably the secret strength needed to succeed on such a mission.

I met Daniel about a decade ago on a women’s trip in India together. Even then she was impressive and extraordinary as she moved us with her warmth and sincerity. I met her for a conversation about a month after she returned from Everest and was captivated again by her vitality and enthusiasm, as well as her rare charms to tell a great...

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